This year’s stages – Rally Sweden 2024 Itinerary

Now it's official. Nine challenging stages to be completed twice are on the menu, covering over 300 km of special stages. One-third, approximately 107 km of them, are new compared to last year." With the transit stages, the teams will cover at least 1100 km over the weekend. And as a spectator, you have plenty of opportunities to find your favourite spot in the forest or at The Red Barn Arena in Umeå.

The work to create an exciting and even better rally started practically right after the finish last year. And it’s still ongoing, especially with creating spectator areas, parking spaces, and snowmobile trails.

Something familiar, a bit new, and a dash of spice

Much remains the same; Shakedown and four stages of nine unique ones are entirely unchanged since last year. SS 9/12 Vännäs is the only completely new stage for this year, and with many turns and twists, it has all the potential to be a challenge for drivers and a favourite for the audience, especially due to its proximity to Umeå.

SS 11/14 Bygdsiljum has a partially new route and a new name for the stretch that was called SS 4/7 Botsmark last year. A faster start and, most importantly, a new finish passing by Bygdsiljum. A perfect Saturday outing for our friends in the Skellefteå area who want to experience a world rally on home turf.

SS 3/6 Norrby shares the start with last year but then takes a route through some abrupt road changes towards the finish down towards Varmvattnet. And even the SS 16/17 Västervik gets a mostly new route as it partly merges with Sävar, starting at the previous finish line in Johannesfors.

To be continued …

That was a preview of this year’s stages. More detailed information about stages, spectator areas, and how to get there will be continuously available under Schedule on the website.

With that, we want to thank all landowners and all stakeholders for their excellent cooperation; without you, this event wouldn’t be possible. Now, we’re just waiting for the party to kick off. See you there?”