Friends of Rally Sweden

In support of the exhaustive efforts of the Rally Sweden management to organise television coverage of this years rally, we have been, and will continue to do so, sourcing special products where by purchasing from us we will be giving at least 100 sek to Rally Sweden for every item sold.

Please help us by buying one of this very special items. The first product is an exclusive Ski Hat for PG Andersson. Only 250 have been made and these are available at 250 sek – with 100 sek being passed to Rally Sweden. These items are available on line or in the Hagfors Service Park.

We also have a SIGNED model of the Fiesta driven by Latvala at the 2011 Rally Sweden. Jari/Matti will be signing just 48 of these. Priced at 300 sek, 200 sek will be given to Rally Sweden.

During the next few days we will be sourcing more signed items and exclusive products.

Click here to buy the special items!