Great interest for Rally Sweden

Crowded stages in both Sweden and Norway, broadcasting around the world and record figures on the Internet.
The positive signals from Rally Sweden were many in the last phase began Sunday morning.
– It’s obviously nice to get the signals, given the position we had just days before the competition started, says Swedish Rally CEO Glenn Olsson.

Glenn Olsson may include that the cooperation with Norway produced the desired results in the form of a large audience interest.
– Also on the Swedish side of the border, we have received reports of a larger attendance than expected, he says.

It is not only in the competition area as the great interest in Rally Sweden and Rally Championship proved.
– Championship official website, www.wrc.com, had record high on Thursday when we first organized qualifying stage were held and then began the competition with the now classic super special stage on Färjestadtravet in Karlstad.
– The World Rally Radio, whose webcasts were sent out from both wrc.com and our own website, has reported record figures.

The countdown for Rally Sweden was tough. With less than a week to the race the International Automobile Federation, FIA, left the responsibility for a global television production at the organizers.

The board of the Swedish rally decided to take a financial risk and cost of reaching out world wide with the competition.
– It´s to early to make a financial statements for the television production. But along with the sympathy we have for our decision, we note that television pictures from the race has been on six continents over the weekend, says Olsson, who is also very pleased with the publicity Rally Sweden received nationally.


Photo: Jerker Johansson