SS4 Floda 1

Friday 16 Feb 10:55
Rally Sweden Historic 13:42
Distance 28.25 km
Elevation 105 m
Weather 14°C
Surface The surface of the stage is snow and ice
Map Detailed map
Spectator spots Spectator areas
  • 1
    Åträsk Close

    The spectator area is accessible from national road 364 and has ample car parking with a kiosk and toilets.

    icon-parking-24x24@2x Field
    icon-stage-walk 500 m
    icon-food-24x24@2x Kiosk
  • A
    Mitt i Åträsk Close

    A snowmobile spectator area shared with car enthusiasts in the middle of Åträsk, offering a sweeping left-right section that goes really fast, with snowmobile parking 40 meters from the rally stage and an available kiosk.

    icon-food-24x24@2x Kiosk
  • 2
    Floda Close

    The spectator area is accessible from either Kamsjövägen or Storsävarträskvägen, offering a quick change of road followed by a long right bend with good visibility and high speed. Kiosk and toilets available.

    icon-parking-24x24@2x Field
    icon-stage-walk 50 m
    icon-food-24x24@2x Kiosk
  • B
    Illvädersliden Close

    An exclusive snowmobile spectator area only accessible to snowmobile enthusiasts. Located in an old gravel pit, it offers an interesting and eventful section with a 90-degree right turn followed by a hilly S-section. Snowmobile parking is 40 meters from the rally stage. There is a kiosk with grilled burgers and various snacks available. A beautiful area with fire pits for warming up and standing tables. There are also toilets available.

    icon-food-24x24@2x Kiosk
Stage description Stage description

To reach the snowmobile spectator areas, the easiest way is to take the 7-mila trail from both Vindeln and Botsmark, following the marked trail north along the power line to the rally stage. From Bygdsiljum, take the trail towards Botsmark and follow the signs towards Åträsk and the rally stage.

Safety information Safety information

Snowmobile – stay on the trail. All snowmobile traffic should stay on the trails within the competition area, and all ”free riding” must be avoided. Wild animals and reindeers can be frightened and run towards the rally stages.

Safety Areas. It is important where you as a spectator stand and walk. Stages can be cancelled immediately if you don’t respect the safety areas!

Don’t walk! It is forbidden to walk on the stage within 30 minutes of the stage start.

No Drone Zone. Unauthorized drones are prohibited for security reasons.

Look for the Green Light. The WRC-cars feature hybrid electric powertrains, that can generate high-voltage electrical current due to a crash or other incident. Before touching the car, look for the green light, only this shows that the car is safe.

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