SS8 Umeå Sprint 2

Friday 16 Feb 19:05
Distance 5.16 km
Elevation 28 m
Weather 18°C
Surface The surface of the stage is snow and ice
Map Detailed map
Spectator spots Spectator areas
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    The Red Barn Arena Close
    The Red Barn Arena

    The epicentre of Rally Sweden. This is where it all happens, and where the day ends. A nice walk or a short trip on the free bus from Umeå city centre. This is the WRC’s hottest arena, in what’s known as the I20 zone. Spectacular jumps and top-speed straights, Food Courts, VIP areas and live artists. This is the place to get the full Rally Sweden experience, with a festive party atmosphere for all the family. And after the day’s races, on Thursday to Saturday it’s time for After Rally in the party tent.

    icon-food-24x24@2x Food Court
    icon-handicap-24x24@2x Parking, Spectator Area
Stage description Stage description

Close to city center sprint distance with several sharp road changes and hairpins, in between some real speed traces. The route ends at The Red Barn Arena in front of a large audience with three spectacular jumps and speeds up to 150 km/h.

Safety information Safety information

Snowmobile – stay on the trail. All snowmobile traffic should stay on the trails within the competition area, and all ”free riding” must be avoided. Wild animals and reindeers can be frightened and run towards the rally stages.

Safety Areas. It is important where you as a spectator stand and walk. Stages can be cancelled immediately if you don’t respect the safety areas!

Don’t walk! It is forbidden to walk on the stage within 30 minutes of the stage start.

No Drone Zone. Unauthorized drones are prohibited for security reasons.

Look for the Green Light. The WRC-cars feature hybrid electric powertrains, that can generate high-voltage electrical current due to a crash or other incident. Before touching the car, look for the green light, only this shows that the car is safe.

Thursday 15 February

Friday 16 February

Saturday 17 February

Sunday 18 February